Bozzi New York offers a modern take on luxury eco friendly lifestyle, bringing a fashionable edge to the men’s lifestyle brand category. It delivers comfort without sacrificing style, while offering men a range of quality, fashion-forward designs in luxe fabrics to be worn in the home and beyond.

The brand was founded in 2007 by Buenos Aires-based designer Adriana Bozzi and debuted in April 2017 in New York by Art In Moda as the international brand: Bozzi New York.  Adriana has been exploring the male form as an artist for many years with male nudes being the predominant subject of her work. Having no previous experience in fashion or with textiles gave Adriana the freedom to create based on instinct and intuition, which resulted in Bozzi New York being conceptualized naturally as an extension of Adriana’s art.

Adriana’s approach to design is not to create something for every man, but instead to create for a specific man – she draws him; he has a face and she assigns him an activity or a hobby; from there she designs a specific garment for him. Because of this approach, not every piece in the collection will resonate with every man, but every man will find something that resonates. The Bozzi New York man is playful and confident with a hint of humor and a zen spirit to enjoy life.